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This is an exclusive health platform recommended by your doctor for a premium user like YOU.

We understand how sometimes it can be challenging to follow your doctor’s suggestions and make a positive impact on your health. Due to inabilities in modifying unhealthy lifestyle habits, your health condition can deteriorate, leading to hospitalization or other emergencies.

tweak & eat shows you the smart way of preventing diseases and managing existing medical conditions. By adhering to lifestyle changes suggested by your doctor, you can save thousands of rupees spent in hospitals and in diagnoses.

tweak & eat has some unique health trackers that will help you monitor important lifestyle choices.

calorie tracker

TweakyfAi tracker

TweakyfAi, is a unique food recognition Ai system that tracks calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins present in your food. Take a photo of your meal plate and upload it to the tweak and eat app. You will receive the total calories and macronutrients present in the food along with actionable advice from qualified nutritionists.

eating tracker

Eating window tracker

This tracker is suggested for the Intermittent Fasting process. If you follow IF and would like to track your eating window, this tracker will help you do just that. With the help of your doctor or nutritionist, you can follow the Intermittent fasting process successfully.

sleeping tracker

Sleeping window tracker

This tracker tracks your sleep and records your sleep time and wake-up time. Using this regularly will help understand the causes of sleep disturbances or other sleep-related conditions. This tracker also generates weekly reports to help monitor patterns.

water tracker

Water reminder tracker

Drinking water regularly not only flushes toxins from the body but also helps to manage hunger pangs that lead to unhealthy snacking sometimes. This tracker reminds you to drink the recommended quantity of water for the day. Every time you click on a glass of water, the water intake is recorded and you can remember to stay hydrated.

meditation tracker

Meditation tracker

The meditation tracker monitors specific meditation sessions set to help with stress relief. Your adherence to a specific number of meditation sessions for specific time periods makes it easy for the doctor or the nutritionist to check for changes in stress levels.

workout tracker

Workout tracker

This tracker reminds you to do your daily workout sessions like walking or exercising or playing a sport. The doctor or the nutritionist set the duration of the workout session needed to achieve your health goals. Reports are generated to keep track of your weekly adherence.

supplement tracker

Supplement tracker

This tracks the intake of supplements prescribed by the doctor if any, including the time suggested for it. A reminder is sent through sms and weekly reports are generated for review.

Get your package worth ₹ 5000 at just ₹ 3000. Offer only for patients joining through the doctor.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in one of the plans suggested by the doctor and take preventive action against disease conditions. These comprehensive trackers will help set health goals, track adherence, and bring on a behavioral change in you, leading to positive health outcomes.

Pricing Smart Health Platform

Plans and Benefits Platinum Gold
Service Cost per month ₹ 3,000 ₹ 2,000
Service cost for 3 months (minimum term) ₹ 9,000 ₹ 6,000
Assigned Personal Life coach/Nutritionist tick tick
Initial consult with your Life coach/Nutritionist 60 mins 30 mins
Diet Plan (as per food habits/region) Customised Pre-designed
Access to tweak&eat premium app + support tick tick
Personal Dashboard with Calorie & Macro targets and tracking tick tick
Unlimited Meal Tweaks tick tick
Unlimited Nutrition Labels tick tick
Lifestyle Trackers (aiding adherence and condition reversal) Customised Standard
Adherence Reports tick tick
30 Min Progress review with Doctor's recommendations Weekly Fortnightly
Chat anytime with Life coach/Nutritionist Unlimited Unlimited
EDR (Electronic Diet Record). Automatic food journaling tick tick
Connect with Fitbit, Apple watch tick tick
Recipes and Health Content tick tick