Thorne Health is a US-based company who are experts in the field of human health. Thorne’s vitamins and supplements support specific health goals and needs at every age and life stage.

Champions Choose Thorne. Thorne is the choice of more than 100 professional sports teams and U.S. National Teams.


Receive Daily Health tips to help with health conditions, kick a habit, or just live well.

Choose from LiveWell Tips, LoseWeight Tips, QuitSmokeTips, PregancyTips, Manage Diabetes Tips, Prevent Diabetes Tips, Womens Health Tips, Prevent Cancer Tips, Heart Health Tips, etc.

Intermittent fasting

Your premium package includes

You will be assigned a Senior Nutritionist/Dietitian immediately.
Your Senior Nutritionist will prepare your Personal Diet Plan after Consulting with you.
This will be published in 24 hours

Is IF Right for you?

Our specialists will talk to you to determine if IF is right for you. Your age, gender, underlying health conditions, lifestyle, and overall health will be considered before a recommendation is made.

IF Monthly Diet Plan

Your nutritionist crafts a personalized IF diet plan in consultation with you. Care will be taken to make sure that you are not left starving and hungry. Your favorite foods are included in the plan, so you don’t sacrifice your happiness to lose weight!

Monthly Consultation

Discuss your progress and get your questions answered. Your nutritionist will fine-tune your diet plan to complement your progress.

Every Meal Advice in 1 Minute!

Our certified nutritionist (in conjunction with our Artificial Intelligence System) will watch your every meal plate and suggest quick actionable modifications to your plate to keep you on the IF track, and close to your suggested daily calorie and macronutrient intake.

Nutrition Facts and Personal Dashboard

A nutrition facts for your plate is generated and your Personal Dashboard and calorie counter are updated automatically showing consumed calories and remaining calories for the day. Just watch and be within your limits.

Trend Reports, Food Journal (My EDR)

Access your Daily and Weekly Reports to watch your calorie and macronutrient trends and use the intelligence to plan your next week.

Unlimited Chat

Have a quick question? Chat with your nutritionist anytime using the built-in chat app.

Unlimited Tweaks, ‘Nutrition Facts’ Labels

Enjoy the service with no restrictions whatsoever. Want to tweak that second serving? that dessert? that coffee? We encourage you to go for it. No extra charge!

Simple 3 step process

  • Follow your personalised weight loss plan
  • Upload a pic of your meal plate everyday
  • Adjust your plate to fit your diet plan

Meet Charlotte

Your personal 5-star Nutritionist

  • Level 1 Performance Nutritionist from CHFI Australia
  • 15+ years of experience
Intermittent Fasting Intermittent Fasting

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Package specifications


Actionable suggestions Yes
Nutrition Facts & Personal Dashboard Yes
Plate reviews Unlimited
Unlimited Chat sessions Yes
Plate review timings 24/7

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